14 videos, 14 exercises, One 20 Minute workout that will kick your ass back into shape!


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Burn Fat, rebuild your pelvic floor and bond with your baby

14 videos, 14 exercises, One 20 Minute workout that will kick your ass back into shape!

   Buy this today so that you:

  • Won't pee your pants first time back at the gym!! 

  • Will feel confident in your own body again - You've still got it Mumma! 

  • Rebuild your strength with exact and precise cues! It's all about Form! You will sweat!

  • Squeeze in a quality workout session that WILL give you the results you want! - This isn't a bloody relaxation session ladies! That's what after bedtime wine is for!



"It's like having your very own personal trainer, DVD and manual combined! Em's cues are clear and her attention to safe exercise prescription for a new mother's body is second to none! No need for long, grueling gym sessions, it only takes 20 minutes out of your day! I highly recommend this product for mothers looking to feel stronger from the inside out."

-Malinda, mother of two.


As mums our core and pelvic floor is weakened, therefore we can't just jump back into the gym. 

The Baby as your Weight Workout is a safe and fun exercise routine that delivers results. It can be done anywhere and best of all you need no equipment - just your little one as the weight!

About the Author: Emma Thomson is passionate about raising awareness for post-natal depression, and the positive effects physical exercise delivers for mental health, The Baby as your Weight Workout not only rebuilds your physical strength, but it also aids your mind and mood.

Improve your pelvic floor & build confidence, sweat it out and feel amazing with this easy-to-follow guided workout designed by mothers for mothers!

Please note: The embedded videos will work on your desktop computer or on devices that support video playback in ebook files. Sorry, kindle won't let you see our videos :) 


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