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Back by popular demand open to both men & women:

Anxiety, You & Me"

Friday 23rd February 2018.

So for the majority of my life, Anxiety & I have gotten to know each other really, really well. A little too well at times for my liking...

Shudder breathing, sleepless nights, inability to make decisions, a fast heart rate, sensitivity to loud noises, loop thinking and eventually straight up fear. Crippling fear of pretty much everything and everyone. I was frozen, or stuck...and above all I felt useless and hopeless and isolated most days...which according to research, seems to be the feelings most anxiety sufferers report experiencing regularly.

This up close and personal  "knowing" or experience of anxiety at different degrees over the past three decades, sparked my interest in this incredible organ between our ears, the human body itself, and all the ups and downs that make up this thing called life, so much so that I have devoted my career to leading invaluable conversations such as the one coming up on Friday night. 

Here is the thing, whilst trapped in anxiety, I often forget something really really important. There I go thinking that I am the only person on the entire planet that could possibly ever feel this way, just giving me more of a perceived reason to beat up on myself, which of course only makes the anxiety worse! When I finally see beyond myself (using specific tools to help me do so), I realize and remember  I couldn't be further from the truth, (thousands and thousands of people know anxiety, sometimes better than they know themselves), I then begin to feel a little less helpless. I am not alone - there is hope!

I've learned over the years that as humans, no matter how hard we try, we can't avoid suffering. No matter how big or small the challenge, life was never meant to be easy. But what I experienced firsthand only last year, is that when we relate to each other through our suffering, the burden gets easier, and quickly the load becomes much lighter to carry. Together is how we overcome, together is how we heal. 

So on the topic of 'together', I'd like to invite you to join me for a night where we bring this little mate of mine (called Anxiety) into the light. It's the stigma that keeps us silent and ashamed, so the least we can do is be brave enough to have a conversation that matters. We will chat about:

* What it means to be truly resilient,

* How to de-stress when you finding de-stressing really really hard, and

* Why human connection is at the heart of coping with anxiety.


Where: Longworth House (129 Scott Street) Newcastle East.

Date/Day: Friday 23rd Februrary 2018

Time: 6pm - 8:30pm.

Investment: $50.00 - which includes entry, drinks and antipasto.

All proceeds go towards my in-school emotional intelligence programs for youth. Read more here.

This is the second time in a month I have run this event. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and demand I have decided to do it again!

It truly is the most beautiful venue, I hope you can make it!

Em xox

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